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How to browse the portal - download files


How to browse the Portal
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Once in your selected portal, you have four ways to get to your data. 

Browse by Map
In some portals there will be an associated map with links. Hot-links in the map will be highlighted in red and/or any other colour.  Click on a hot-link to go to the relevant information.

Browse by Category
Click on the 'Browse by Category' menu (on the top left of the main screen) to show a menu of regions/area/properties/projects.  Click on the relevant link as required.

Browse by Service
Click on the 'Browse by Service" menu (on the top right of the main screen) to show a menu of deliverable and available items. Click on the relevant item as required.If there are no uploads in the portal for a particular service, then information on that service will be displayed.

Browse by Search
Click on 'Enter search term' in the search bar. Once you have typed in your request hit enter to show your result. The search will look for the file name and any notes that are associated to the files.

Latest Uploads 

Use this to access all documents by upload date.  The most recently uploaded document will appear at the top.

Once you have found your file, to download, you can either click on the download icon  or for multiple files, tick as required and select "Download Selected Files" to create a zipped file containing all items.